RP Tempering™ Compound - Product Information

Proto-Plasma-Rx™ Spray when used with Proto-Reinforcement© Infiltrate Coating and sometimes RP Tempering™ Compound will enhance your Mechanical Properties when applied to a SFF/RP part. Like all RP Tempering™ compounds it is very fast drying, cost effective and easy to apply. Colors are available in Black, Clear, Blue, Yellow, White & Red 12oz. cans:
Brush on and injectable compound colors are available in Red & Black with stock container sizes of 4oz, 1 gallon and 5 gallon.

Colors are available in Red, Black & Clear.

Depending on the base SFF/RP material used the typical mechanical property enhancements are: Increased Impact Strength, Torsion Durability & 3 Point Flex Strength. Tensile Strength will not change and Flexural Modulus will stay within 3% of its original specification depending on the RP Tempering™ Engineered Layering Technique & materials used.

Other Physical & Typical Property Enhancements to be expected are: Seals Porosity to a Microscopic Level, Excellent Chemical Resistance (Moisture Water, Humidity & more), Thermal (Heat Deflection, Heat Resistance, UV Resistance, Insulative), Electrical Insulative, and Vibration.

Multiple materials equaling hundreds of samples have been tested with Proto-Plasma-Rx™ using RP Tempering™ Engineered Layering Techniques. Test Data can be found on the Proto-Plasma-Rx™ Test Data Sheets. AS™ industry test standards were followed when ever possible.

RP Tempering™ Technologies and Patented Engineering Techniques were developed to enhance Rapid Manufacture parts made from SFF systems. SFF technology presents OEM’s with an opportunity to create and design geometric pre-engineered shapes within the wall of the physical part. RP Tempering™ internal wall geometry technology and additive materials science will enhance SFF parts either in combination or individually including: Mechanical Properties, Electrical Properties, Thermal Properties and Chemical & Environmental Resistance Properties.